HAVE YOU TRIED TO UPLOAD YOUR BODY TO THE CLOUD’ is a speculative design project made with unreal engine, that narrates the the perspective of an intuitive algorithm that exists in one’s digital social space. The idea of skin, in this project, becomes a metaphor to access this discussion of how our body exists in this age of digitality. The skin is considered a frontier of our biological existence, and also a charged metaphor in many different realms. Even though often seen as a flattened out, metaphysical boundary in different narratives, it is also an organ that breathes, grows, stretches, and eventually rottens. Therefore, the mere conceptual (metaphysical) idea of it being a ‘line’ or ‘boundary’ or ‘containment’ becomes ambiguous. This ambiguity becomes an access to the questions that I propose in this narrative:

‘what is the digital body, and what is the biological?’
‘where does our body begin, and where does it end?’
‘what is inside of our body and what is outside of it?’
‘does the ‘skin’ really holds and contains our existence, be it biological or digital?’

‘if we try to upload our body to the cloud, will it be accepted? will the blood type be compatible? what if there are auto-inmune responses; if so, what will they be?’

COMPUTER VISION Through the eyes of a non-human entity, an algorithm, the digital body is in the form of cell-growth architecture, with dispersed nuclei of facial recognition data gathered from one’s social space. The intuitive algorithm deep-learns these data in a rapid way and develop its own sense of what this digital body entails.

THE BODY “ME” A computer generated body that represents “me.” “ME” has an instagram account; “ME” tried to find intimacy and friendship on Tinder; “ME in the end was ejected from Tinder; “Me” is the pink cloud.

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it’s a match!


logging out..

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